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今回は新作500円ゲーム『コロナワクチンに含まれている多種多様な成分』、好評の既刊『ルールズ・フォー・ルールズ』+委託本『Big Catの英語にまつわるエトセトラ』、前作『サン・ジミニャーノの塔』などをご用意しております。ぜひお立ち寄りください!

Hi there!

Tarte Games is an indie board game maker (that’s me!) participating mainly in Tokyo Game Market. I have designed several small board/card games since 2016.

In the page FREE2PLAY, you can download many rules of playing card games and PnP games. Wish you’ll try and enjoy any of them!

I’ll be at Chiba Bodogeen Bampaku, on Saturday, January 29, 2022.
This time I’ll bring a newly released 500-yen game What a Wonderful COVID-19 Vaccine,  Japanese books Rules for Rules and Big Cat’s Talks on English, Japanese, etc., in addition to some previous games including Le Torri di San Gimignano.
Looking forward to seeing you in Chiba!

ゲームデザイナー Game Designer

鈴木 一馬(すずき かずま) Twitter

代表作はゲーム『サン・ジミニャーノの塔』『三津浜』『ラミーファイブ』、同人誌『ルールズ・フォー・ルールズ』『ボードゲーム・スタディーズ』『ブルームーン・マスターズ』。『三津浜』で2019年ゲームマーケット大賞一次選考通過。トランプゲーム『シンカー』でTrick Taking Partyゲーム賞2017準大賞を受賞。2018年度ブルームーン・レジェンド日本選手権優勝。

Kazuma Suzuki Twitter

Born in 1982, Ehime, Japan. Live in Tokyo. A Sunday game designer, working on proofreading/translating in weekdays. Have ADHD and ASD. He/Him.

Love to play auction games such as Medici and Modern Art, area-controlling games such as Go, Carcassonne and Hacienda, standard playing card games such as Skat, Doppelkopf and Gin Rummy, and many others.
My works include games: Le Torri di San Gimignano, Somnia, Mitsuhama, and JP books: Rules for Rules, Blue Moon Masters. Many of them have English rules – and I’d like to keep designing new games that many non-Japanese gamers can enjoy!

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