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今回は新刊『ルールズ・フォー・ルールズ』(+委託本『Big Catの英語にまつわるエトセトラ』)、好評過去作『サン・ジミニャーノの塔』『ソムニア』『三津浜』などをご用意しております。ぜひお立ち寄りください!

Hi there!

Tarte Games is an indie board game maker (that’s me!) participating mainly in Tokyo Game Market. I have designed several small board/card games since 2016.
I’m still adding the contents of this site step by step!

I’ll be at Tokyo Game Market 2021 Autumn, on Saturday, November 20. Booth No is イ(i)03.
This time I have new-release Japanese books Rules for Rules and Big Cat’s English Talks, in addition to some previous games including Le Torri di San Gimignano, Somnia and Mitsuhama.
Looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

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