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This page introduces free-to-play, standard playing card games by the designer. Feel free to try!

ジェネラス・スプリット | Generous Split



Generous Split is a trick taking game with a standard playing card deck, for 3-5 players. The game is easy to learn – it is played individually (without partnership), and each trick counts 3 points. There are two significant points: the player who won the most tricks at the end of the deal gains no points, and a trick won by the trump suit is pooled at the center of the table, which will be won by the next trick’s winner, as a “generous” split from the previous winner.

Generous Split – English Rules

ゴールドマイン | Goldmine

2020年の「Trick Taking Party ゲーム賞」応募作。2人用のトランプを使ったトリックテイキングゲームです。中央に置かれた6つの金塊をめぐって繰り広げる駆け引きをお楽しみください。子供さんと遊ぶのにもおすすめします。


Goldmine is a small and easy trick taking game for 2 players, hommage à Briscola (Italian traditional card game). Two miners try to excavate more valuable gold using their cards. Your success depends on your decision – when to investigate (check the face down point cards) and when to exchange (rebuild your hand)!

Goldmine – English Rules

黒か白か | Schwarz oder Weiß

2020年の「Trick Taking Party ゲーム賞」応募作。トランプで遊べる2~3人用のトリックテイキングゲームで、少し慣れた人向けです。

『Schwarz oder Weiß(黒か白か)』日本語ルール

Schwarz oder Weiß [Black or White] is a trick taking game for 2-3 players. Cards are dealt very slowly, one by one, while players are only allowed to bid Schwarz (all tricks) or Weiß (zero tricks) in real time – only your fast decision will bring you good luck!

Schwarz oder Weiß – English Rules

シンカー | Sinker

2017年に作った、2~4人用の簡単なトランプゲームです。ジャンルはトリックテイキングで、このジャンルに触れたばかりの人が気軽に楽しめるよう、難易度は低めに作ってあります。ビッド入門用の1作として楽しんでください。2017年の「Trick Taking Party ゲーム賞」準大賞受賞作です。


Sinker is a trick taking game with a standard playing card deck, for 2-4 players. Many traditional trick takers require bidding higher, while this game requires lower bids than others. That makes the game easy to access for new comers in this genre.
The original is for 3-4 players, and 2p variant was added later.

Sinker – English Rules for 3-4 players
Sinker – English Rules for 2 players

2人用大富豪 | Daifugo [Millionaire] for 2 players


Daifugo [Millionaire] is one of the most popular playing card games in Japan. The original game is best for 4-5 players, so this arrangement aims to be played by 2 players.
Player’s goal is to run out their hand faster than the opponent. You can play either of a singleton, a set of the same rank, or a sequence – but you must follow the pattern led; even if you have strong cards, you can’t always play them. The plan of order you play really matters!
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